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The processing of making paper cups/bowls/

August 31,2021

The paper cups forming machine need be feeding pre-printed,pre-cutted paper cups fan(cups wall paper) and cups bottom rolling paper.

1.Put the pre-printed and pre-cutted paper cups wall paper to the entrance.
2.Put the cups bottom rolling paper to the entrance.

The bottom paper and cups wall paper will be fed into machine at same time.
3.The cups wall paper become to cone shape processed by the paper body sealing mold.Cups bottom roll paper be cut to the round shape.
4.After pre-heating,bottom heating,the cups bottom knurling to the paper cups cone body.
5.Curling paper cups top to circular shape in the curling processing.
6.The finished paper cups pack into the plastic or paper bags to prevent the paper cups shape ugly and breached.

During the processing of paper cups manufacturing,you also need other machines.
The paper cups fan(cups wall paper) die cutting machine. There are two type model,sheets punching die cutting machine and roll to sheets die cutting machine.
The paper roll to narrow rolls slitting rewinding machine used to make custom width paper cups bottom rolls.
The flexibleprinting machineused to print paper cups fan rolls.

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