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What Characteristic Should Good Quality Paper Slitting Machine Circle Knife Have

January 24,2022

Slitting circular blade in various fields is now widely used, however, the quality of the circular blade on the market is mixed.A set paper roll slitting rewinding machine want to have good cutting quality,the circle knife blade is the most important issue.Beside,the paper roll to sheetscutting machine(paper roll sheeter machine) also need slitting knife unit for split paper web into sheets at one time. Binbao machinery company adopt high quality circle blade with strict processing steps.
The following for some of the characteristics of the production of circular blade to say that the processing and selection of some considerations, regardless of what specifications of the circular blade or what material of the circular blade, in the processing of slitting with the time, it is necessary to Bear the cutting machinery high-speed rotation to bring the force of the circular blade. A good circular blade must have strong wear resistance and sharpness to adapt to the frictional force of the object to be cut, and at the same time to have a certain impact resistance, but also to prevent the high-speed rotation of the object in contact with the crumbling condition. A good material of the round blade to meet the following basic characteristics.

One. Hardness

Normally, the better the material, the higher the hardness achieved by hardening. If ordinary material is quenched to a high hardness, it will destroy the toughness of the blade and cause the blade to crack. Therefore, the hardness of the round blade must be determined by the material. The hardness of the round knife blade should be much greater than the hardness of the slitting material , generally for the heat treatment of the quenching interval of HRC55-64 °.

II. Abrasion resistance

The wear resistance of the blade is proportional to the hardness, the better the material chosen for the circular blade, the higher the hardness, then the better the wear resistance.

III. Heat resistance

Heat resistance refers to the steel in the high speed generated by the high temperature environment still maintain hardness, toughness, strength and wear resistance and other properties, usually with steel red hardness to measure the quality of the round blade, the greater the red hardness of the material can withstand the cutting speed is higher.

Four. Stability

Stability refers to the blade heat treatment, so that the degree of change in the crystals of the material of the slitter blade. At present, the slitter blade heat treatment methods are vacuum quenching, salt bath quenching, electric furnace quenching, etc., different quenching methods on the stability of the blade material has a very important impact.

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