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What Equipment You Should Have To Build A Paper Cups Manufacture Factory?

October 08,2021

As a convenient and low-cost liquid container, paper cups are welcomed by the catering industry all over the world.

 However, paper cups are bulky and light, so they are not suitable for long-distance transportation. Therefore, more and more people want to establish their own paper cup production lines locally.
As a professional manufacturer of paper cup bottom paper roll slitting machine, Binbao Machinery is very familiar with the paper cup industry. In this article, we will introduce to you what you need to prepare to build a paper cup production plant.

1.Paper jumbo roll slitting machine. In order to make the paper cups bottoms,you need feed small width rolls into the paper cups forming machine. So you must have a paper slitting machine to convert coated paper jumbo roll to various width small rolls for making cups bottom.
2.Paper printing machine.If you produce blank paper cups, you don’t need a printing machine. But most customers will require printing patterns and brand logos on paper cups, such as large chain restaurant companies.Printing presses are divided into offset printing presses and flexographic printing presses. The flexo graphic printing machine can directly print the pattern on the paper roll and wind paper web into paper roll. Offset printing machine is printing patterns in the paper sheets.
3.Paper cups fan die cutting machine. Paper cups fan use to form the paper cups body. The die cutting machine use to cut the paper cups fan. These cups fans will be fed into the paper cups forming machine to be the paper cups body. There are two type die cutting machine in the market,sheets feeding type and rolls feeding type. Which type die cutting machine you choose,that depend on which type printing machine you will use.
4.Paper cups forming machine,this is the last step to make paper cups. Paper cups bottom reels and paper cups fans will be load in the machine and to form paper cups. In order to make different size paper cups,you should order various mould from paper cups forming machine suppliers.
5.Accessories equipment. You should have a air compressor to supply air for above these equipment. Because these equipment need air to control many mechanic structures. Paper jumbo rolls forklift is necessary to move paper jumbo rolls between your workshop and warehouse.

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