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What is slitter rewinder machine?

August 25,2022

A slitter rewinder machine is a jumbo roll-to-narrow rolls machine that unwinds a roll of a long sheet, cuts&slits it into strips of a particular width and rewinds them into rolls in a continuous action. Its fundamental structure consists of unwinder, aluminum guide rollers, disk round cutter knife system, and rewinder. In the slitting and rewinding processes, optimum slitting conditions and balanced tension between the unwinder and rewinder play the most critical role. Applying a slitting method and tension control fitted to characteristics of each type of material achieves high-quality cutting surfaces and rewind packages.

Binbao machinery focused on manufacturing high speed paper and film roll slitter rewinder machine with more than 15 years experience.

Our machines almost cover all kinds paper and film roll material,such as bond paper,kraft paper,double side coated paper for double side adhesive products,bopp film,opp flexible packaging film slitting and rewinding processing. We also have other products, such as paper jumbo roll slitting machine.If you need roll material slitting rewinding machine,welcome to contact with Binbao machinery.


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