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What types of pneumatic expanding shafts can the slitter rewinder choose as the rewinder shaft?

April 04,2023

An essential part of the slitter rewinder is the unwinding shaft and the rewinding shaft. The unwinding part of the latest model of Binbao Machinery's slitter rewinder has replaced the air shaft with a mechanical chuck. However, the rewinding shaft must choose the air-expanding shaft.

In different application scenarios, we will choose different types of pneumatic expanding shafts as rewinding shafts.

1.Pneumatic expanding shafts with keys

The expanding shaft with keys is the most common in the slitter rewinder machine. It can tramsmit enough torque to these rolls in the shaft. There is a central air chamber in the inside of expanding shaft. The body of shaft can be made by aluminum,steel and carbon fibre. These keys are available by aluminum or rubber.

2.Expanding shaft with leafs

This type shaft is used for winding core of reel is especially thin. In such cases, expansion via leave redistribute the pressure,which avoid deformation by acting on the material uniformly.

3.Expanding shaft with strips

Expanding shaft with strips represent the most innovative technology on the market. It can reach any applications. Each strips are powered by air chamber which ensure its expansion. Maintance operations are quick and easy. You don’t need remove the journal. This type pneumatic expanding shaft also can equip with self centring system and separete chambers.

The expanding shaft with strips have the best performacne for any application material,but its price also expensive. Our all model slitter rewinder machine can adopt these types pneumatic shaft. According clients requirements and budget,our sales teams will provide our best solution to you.

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