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Where can I find eco friendly paper roll sheeter machine?

November 15,2022

In the packaging and printing industry,paper roll sheeter cutters machine are commonly used processing equipment. Whether in paper processing factories or printed products factories, we can often see the paper roll to sheet cutting machine.

It is used to cut paper roll into multi size sheet for making various products,such as paper cups,paper bags,film laminating,offset printing,die cutting and so on.

The paper roll sheeter machine adopt two tyep cross cutting knife,guillotine knife or rotary knife. Normally,the rotary knife paper sheeter machine is more expensive than the guillotine knife paper roll to sheet cutting machine. But rotary knife sheeter machine speed can match more than 200 meters per minute.But the guillotine knife paper roll sheeter machine has low price as the most important advantage. And guillotine knife sheeter machine can cut plastic film,non woven fabric,and self adhesive label stock sheets.

If you want to cut size sheet by yourself and don’t want to invest much money for purchasing the paper roll sheeter machine,Binbao machinery SCL and SCT series paper roll sheeter machine are very suitable for you. It can cut 30gsm to 550gsm paper roll into multi size sheets. The cutting speed can reach 150 cuts per minute and 90 meters per minute. The slitting knife system can help you cut paper web into two sheets and trim the waste edge of paper roll.

If you have interest of our machine,welcome to contact with our sales team. Binbao machinery is a professional manufacturer of the paper roll slitter rewinder machine,paper roll sheeter machine,A4 copy paper production line. We can offer top quality machine and best service to international clients.

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