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Who Need Purchase A Set Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine?

November 03,2021

Paper slitting rewinding machine used to cut paper roll to small width paper rolls you desire. It is a common equipment in the printing and packaging field. Many paper products manufacturers have paper slitting machine in their plants. But who really need a set high speed paper slitting rewinding machines?

Paper cups,paper tube,paper,paper drinking straws manufacturers

Forming these paper products must feed various width paper rolls into the forming machines.These manufacturers have three choices,purchasing paper rolls of corresponding width for their products,finding a paper converting service supplier in local market,slitting rewinding small rolls by themselves. When their producing capacity is stable and large,a high speed paper slitting rewinding machine can help them to save much cost of paper roll width converting.

Paper packaging raw material suppliers

It is not only a post press equipment,also widely used to cut after printing paper rolls.When we are printing paper rolls, we usually print several layouts at the same time. Therefore, the printed paper roll should be cut into several small paper rolls with only one layout picture. After slitting small paper roll will be used to pack many products in the automatic packaging machine.

Paper Mill,Paper Coating,Paper Laminating Plants

The paper roll materials used for packaging usually need to undergo different processing, such as laminating,coating and so on.These processing plants cut the processed paper rolls into different widths before selling them to their customers.



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